Welcome to the wonderful world of movement!

The Breathe Stretch Move Club is for people who want to move well and move often! Get expertly crafted mobility programs and guidance every week to keep your body and mind in harmony for years to come.

What Do Members Get?

As a member of the Breathe Stretch Move Club, you will enjoy exclusive access to content created just for you! It's our job to keep you motivated to continue your movement and mobility practice with the highest standards.

  • Weekly email for support, inspiration and accountability

  • A new curated mobility program with new videos every Monday Morning.

  • Access to the Video Library with countless videos for stretching, movement, Breathwork, strengthening, assessment and more

  • Access to our expert coaches by email anytime for support along your journey

Lead Instructors and Creators

Cian and Carolyn Dalton

Cian and Carolyn are movement and wellness nerds on a mission to help people go deeper into their bodies and uncovering their greatest potential, while having a great time doing it! With over 30 years of athletic experience, including careers as a professional boxer and a professional dancer, C + C have experienced A LOT with their bodies. After being plagued with injury and frustration with the medical system, they went on a self-healing journey and discovered the powers of fascial stretching, breathwork and somatic movement. Through these body-mind practices they have over come pain and trauma both physically and emotionally and love to teach others how to do the same. Cian and Carolyn own a studio in Vancouver, The Stretch Space, where they work with clients from pro athletes to desk jockeys and everything in between, helping people connect deeper to their bodies and create sustainable movement practices.


Membership Includes:

Members have access to the Breathe Stretch Move Weekly Program (new every Monday) and the Video Library.